20' x 20' Heavy-duty Outdoor Party Tent 

with Removable Sidewall, White

CA$899 (PE Quality) /  CA$1499  (PVC Quality )Plus GST

Let's hold the party at your backyard with outdoor tent canopy without worrying the weather impact. Constructed with the heavy duty and rust resistant galvanized steel frame, the tent for wedding is in superior strength. The high density water-resistant and UV resistant PE fabric is easy washing. It features the removable sidewall, zippered doors and PVC windows for cross and excellent ventilation. Bring this canopy tent back home, enjoy the great fun of party!


• Constructed with heavy-duty and rust resistant steel frame for superior stability and strength

• High density water-resistant and UV resistant PE cloth for elements protection

• Removable sidewalls, zippered door and PVC windows for excellent ventilation

• Reinforced steel pipes and ground pipes for added strength

• Equipped stakes and ropes are recommended to use with the tent to improve its stability

• Ideal for any occasion like BBQ party and camping, etc

• Simple set-up process is required


• Material: Steel Pipe, PVC and PE Cloth

• Colour: White

• Net Weight: 192.5lbs

• Overall Size: 236.2"L x 236.2"W

• Eaves Height: 78.7"H

• Top Height: 126"H

• Zippered Door Size: 192.25"W x 77.5"H

• Window Size: 56.7"W x 51.2"H

• Galvanized Elbow Size: φ1.7" x 0.05"T (1.2mm)

• Top Reinforcing Pipe and Ground Pipe Size: φ1.1" x 0.03"T (0.8mm)

• Accessories: 4 x Pull Ropes, 16 x Ground Nails, 4 x Spiral Ground Nails, 158 x Fixing Rope

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